When are you going to BE there for yourself?

21 Jul

A friend on face book noted her Sister dying today. I don’t know this person well, we connected online. However she posted to urge people to do whatever it is they are here to do! Don’t waste time...…

What is it that prevents you from creating that change you so desperately want in life, what is it that stops you showing up in support of yourself?

What would it take to allow you to see the reality that is all around you?

Stop the endless self lies or cons you continually give yourself, the excuses. This is about staying with the part of you who doesn’t want change, doesn’t want to create something magical or wonderful and perhaps doesn’t even truly believe they can do such a thing.... That is the part of you to commit to. That is the part of you to support and simply Be with!

Make a commitment to yourself – NO one else! This is not about anyone else – just YOU! When you understand that it always was and always will be simply about you – in relation to you. Then the great changes will take place.

What will yours be?

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