Grief Waves

31 Jul

Allow that feeling.

That overwhelming feeling, to wash over you and stop!

Don’t abandon yourself, stay with you right now.

You need you right now, others may have left so ensure that you stay, during this pain.

Allow the tears to fall, breathe into that again, the more you breathe into it the less intense it will need to be.

The emotion trapped or blocked within our bodies with grief needs to be allowed, felt, explored and ultimately loved before it can leave us ......inviting a loss within loss itself.

Only the fear of this creates more agony, but you see the agony is there simply to remind you of the sense of importance. What this meant in your now be simply agonisingly letting go.

Allow the waves and befriend the breath as that is your ally in this.

Check in with your posture and bring yourself slowly from the crumpled heap you allowed yourself to visit and gently come back into the present.

This is freedom and it becomes more and more evident. If you practice this emotional freedom you will ultimately have less body pain and fear. It’s time to get to know you and the grief you carry within you.

Don’t label it, just allow it, the more you allow this with a kind and gentle sense of curiosity the more you allow yourself to understand what it is that is truly happening in this space, right now.

By not comparing this you fully acknowledge, respect and honour it and therefore your Self

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