About Janet

Janet has been described as Multifaceted as she brings such a wealth of experience and knowledge to all she offers as a professional practitioner.

She has 1000’s hours of experience offering a quality service, where immediate change is always possible.

From the age of a small child having Spiritual experiences and being able to see beyond this dimension, Janet brings all she has learned from her own life journey to each meeting you will have with her.

Also on offer here is over 35 years of working in Health & Wellbeing, added with a richness that all her own experience with Self Inquiry and direct experience brings to her work with all Clients.

Using the term hybrid, Janet combines the skills of Psychotherapy with her Management experience in local authority all of which inform her within mentoring, business coaching and clinical supervision of any kind.

She brings all she has to offer in the support of her clients wellbeing, whatever form that may take in initial discussion and assessment. She fully enjoys and celebrates each and every Client success and happiness.  

"The only thing that stops you being free, is the belief that you aren’t free already"

- Janet Astle


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About Janet