When an old fear arises

04 Apr

When an old fear arises from a depth somewhere, it offers opportunity to let go of something so.... stay with it.

Don’t make that immediate move away! 

Instead, get comfortable, ready to sit a while and allow whatever it is within you to be heard. At last!

Don’t you know that only by allowing this, by being with this... are you able to move through it.

There is not getting around or over it! 

See how harsh that feels on the tongue, the taste of aggressive words..."get over it," perhaps you heard that from another time...

When we choose instead, to speak with a tongue filled with love and compassion..

So now, back to kindness – Sitting with the fearFULL you... no need to understand.. just stay.

Whatever comes, stay.. be open, listen and be ready to hold YourSelf in whatever way is necessary for you. ..tenderly, gently, kindly......

But most importantly of all stay in love, in compassion and acceptance.

There is no place for judgement here, only love. No agenda, no “place” to get to, no "higher" or "better" Self to achieve!

Simply... beautiful Self Love and within that endless possibility and opportunities to learn more from you than you could ever hope to know “out there”.

Love YOU

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