Tidying your thoughts and creating a positive Cycle

09 Aug

The other day I realised that I am actually making some huge changes personally and within my home. And that these are the same changes I have wanted to make for so long but just didn’t seem to have the energy or it felt too big a task.

The sad thing although I won’t dwell on that is that I didn’t see that I was actually creating the change I wanted to see, I simply wasn’t seeing it, sounds complicated huh!

I was allowing thoughts such as “too much of an effort” or perhaps I just didn’t have the money at that time to purchase whatever it was that I wanted.
What I didn’t always do was congratulate myself or acknowledge when something did change or improve, but in slowing down this has become far more apparent to me.

I can’t recall exactly when it began but it dosen’t feel too long ago and each day now I notice something different and acknowledge it with happiness and gratitude, however small or insignificant it may appear to be, I feel the same amount of pleasure.

It’s all relevant, ANY change IS change.

By just letting go, not judging and simply doing just and only just what I could manage at that time, slowly I started to see it had already begun.

To see that it was as simple as that and it has been growing slowly but surely each day.

I also noticed the thoughts which come into my mind and the judgements they hold, for example “I should have done more” or judging how long it appeared to take to do tasks so “I should have done it quicker” etc
But when these thoughts are explored they are seen through and it is seen how impossible it is in fact to be overwhelmed by them.

Then sitting in fear when it arises, to see also that fear in itself is not real. It only feels real if I choose to believe in it, create it, or fight it. Any of these of course give energy to it, feeds it but how can that be when it doesn’t really exist! See how I (we) complicate when we really look into what’s happening.

The pleasure I feel appears to feed any motivation I had and so what I see is a beautiful cycle, created by my doing simple and manageable things however small. But which then grew and continue to grow………who knows where it will lead.
Actually I don’t know and don’t need to know, because I’m not stopping here. I’m simply enjoying that it is happening.

So, whatever it is you need or want to do, it’s important to begin in whatever way suits you at that time. This is not a race and you aren’t in competition with anyone. Just keep on with that and you will see a change beginning to form.

Make sure that you feel the pleasure of whatever you do each and every time, even if you just picked up something off the floor or moved dirty pots from one side of the kitchen nearer to the sink, don’t give yourself a hard time but acknowledge that each time you shift something, something else shifts too.

I’ll give you an example, when you walk out of a room and notice something there which should be in another room, say a pair of shoes in the lounge should be in the bedroom (if that’s how you arrange things) then the next time you see it don’t get hooked into negative thinking like tutting and saying it shouldn’t be there blah blah…… just move it to where you want it and then it’s done!

It’s that simple!

If you don’t, then your mind will just play over and over the thoughts about how is shouldn’t be there, who should have moved it etc and sap your energy until you are exhausted or unnecessarily overwhelmed with stress. Can you see how the cycle begins?

You are the only one in control of this. And this is how we get stuck in in a negative thought process, it sounds extreme dosen’t it, but I get to hear these things all the time from Clients and so I know they are commonplace (no you really aren’t alone, yes it’s normal and yes it’s common).

So, keep it up, however small and a cycle of active and positive change will become evident, which in turn will invite positive thoughts and bring with it more motivation, focus and a whole lot of joy!

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