Pushing through to a win win

30 Sep

The other day whilst I was going through my morning routine, I heard that little voice within “go for a walk” and yet whilst I was going through my routine, I knew that I was actively ignoring the suggestion that I was making to myself in going for a walk.

A short time later…. It was 7.30am and a beautiful morning, the sun was shining, there was not a cloud in the sky and the sky was completely blue. It was quiet and peaceful, there was a lovely coolness, but I felt the warmth of the sun too.

I could hear the birds singing, see people getting up and moving around in their own homes and others getting into their cars, starting their journey for the day.

Before I left home my knees had been hurting and yet as I walked, I noticed that there was no more discomfort or pain as I walked. I could have taken notice of the thoughts I had before I left home about how my knees were hurting and that walking would make them hurt even more, but I had been walking to include small inclines up and down for over 15 minutes and no pain at all.

I was realising the importance of not just walking, that this was about the journey and not the destination (as the well-known saying goes) and to take notice of my surroundings. Noticing what was happening from the time I left home to the time I returned. How all my senses came into play on this short morning journey.  

Seeing what was around me, the sheer abundance. As I walked along, I was aware of a particular fragrance in the air from a bloom or a plant I wasn’t sure, but it was natural, and it smelt amazing.

The wind caught the fragrance and lifted it so that I could smell it as I walked past, how amazing was this simple but beautiful gift from life.

As I walked, I was reflecting on the thoughts earlier and the initial battle that took place inside me as to whether I would or wouldn’t go out for a walk. It occurred to me that when we fight with ourselves, the great thing about the outcome is that the only one who can win is us but remember also the only one that can lose is us.

As I began to walk back home, I realised that I was enjoying myself so much I now didn’t actually want to go back indoors it was so lovely outside and I had enjoyed my walk so much I didn’t want it to end.
I had some Clients booked for that day and so wasn’t able to stay out longer, but I was so pleased that I had pushed myself that little bit more, knowing that I wouldn’t have opportunity to go out later. This wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t have given myself that little extra push to go out and say good morning to the world, it would have been so easy to have just carried on with my normal routine of that day. But I didn’t and I was really grateful for this better start to my day and surely not only I would benefit from that, but my Clients would too!

Once home, I felt great. The sabotaging thoughts I had earlier offered a convincing argument and were in fact partly true, yes, it is going to be a long day and it was an early start however I was pretty sure I would be ok and trusted that, based on other experiences.
It’s amazing to see that when I have pushed myself, I have seen that I am capable of more than I could ever have dreamt or imagined. And so, I had that evidence in my mind to challenge the self sabotaging thoughts I was having to “save myself from the perils of a morning walk” by memories appearing to remind me of how much more I was capable of.

If you have exceeded yourself or survived something then remember to use your own memories to support positive change in your life and remember, when you have that battle with yourself, you are the one that will win, and you also are the one that will lose.
That’s the only real choice you have, life will still carry on with or without you, that is already happening. Your choice is how you interact with it or not, and that morning I had to really, really push myself, I could feel like an inner tantrum, which sounds extreme (it wasn’t that dramatic) but I could feel this “Ohhh I don’t want to go” struggle, “Oh but I don’t want to”, thoughts such as “oh it’s going to be a long, long day”, basically reasons why not go to for a walk and it just took that push, just that little extra push.

And as soon as I got outside and beyond my front door it felt absolutely right to trust my inner voice and push beyond the limiting thoughts.

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