06 Jan
Is now a good time to check through your news feed to see what you are digesting daily?

Free checklist to start your New Year with some clarity.

You may find this challenging but also really liberating!

Look at the following and take your time to sit with each.

Gently challenge any thoughts which feel heavy or negative and get to know your own honest answers, be ok with them.

Check if each answer supports the life you want for yourself right now

Begin to clear and to think about how you can let go of anything, which no longer serves you well or dosen’t have a positive effect in your life.

Your newsfeed (clue is in the word “feed”) informs your mind and will be part of your own conditioning – Yes that’s right, you are continually conditioning and reprogramming your mind with all you see on social media. Which can and will affect your day and immediate mood, so please be aware of this and take responsibility for your emotional wellbeing.

And choose wisely!


·        Who are you following?

·        What are you listening to? 

·        What are you reading or watching? 

·        What do you aspire to? 

·        How much time are you on Social Media daily? 


If the answers which come up don’t nourish or nurture you in some way, then check why these choices are still here?
Gently question and challenge any thoughts which come up such as “well how I could live without them” or “I know I shouldn’t but”… and see what happens. You know what is and isn’t helpful for you, so is it time to make some changes?

Be honest with yourself!

It’s good to review and let go if there is no longer a positive feel to something and sometimes we just need a gentle reminder, a nudge to act on.

Ultimately give yourself permission to let go and move on if necessary, this one lifetime is for you and for you to live it right now.

Make the internet a purely positive experience for yourself, a place of beautiful connection and evolution. 

All of that is completely within your reach, Happy 2019 and remember…the power of delete is in your hands 


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