Is any part of you "on ice" and how would you know if so.... ?

02 Dec

Over the past few days I have been (initially unwillingly) re-learning about "warm", what that might mean without usual assumptions and what it is like to not experience warm/warmth/heat in the usual generous way such as with central heating and almost immediate hot water allow.. 

And then moving deeper from that outer body layer (which of course seeps as cold does) into layers some kind of perceived "lack" of something regarding others, "my" needs not being met in some way I feel they "should" be or not being "treated" kindly ... and then most importantly "lack" of warmth with mySelf. 

Witnessing a lack of Self kindness and in fact a coolness not noticed before openly, which then can be met and known, to then allow a beautiful compassion to move into those places once so chilled.

Perhaps only when you are "out in the cold" will you find these treasure chests of beautiful truth. Because when we are all warm and cosy why would we search for such things in the depth of perceived cold?

Indeed why would we search at all when they are not visible and because of that very fact may remain on ice......... 

Always check your projections........ whatever it is you are accusing them of in some way, how might that be playing out something you are already doing to yourSelf in some way?

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