Inner Landscape

03 May

Sitting with Self.

Noticing the inner of you.

Like a landscape only familiar somehow, at times nothingness and then thought may appear as a tree or a bush... some grass and then barren land again and then for a while.....peace.

A mirage of thoughts from thinking mind to distract you from Being in this place fully and then realisation of that moves them on. Almost as if the wind brushes across the landscape taking thoughts with it and then.......that knowing.

Of a depth, real depth appears.....out of the “blue” as your stomach lurches in recognition of this ..

Fear of this unexpected drop into the deep, dark pool suddenly before you.

Will you allow YourSelf to fall, do you fall?.... 

There is no control here within this unknown and then the moment is passed and a feeling of loss at not having “fallen into” the nothingness of depth, to be lost and know how that particular “lost” feels.. after a lifetime of other.. losses and yet a difference in fear.

Knowing, in truth that you can never now really be lost again.

Back to thought and to meet a realisation of how much a strong mind will manipulate where possible, for “your safety”.

Smile with that - love that. 

As it is something which you have created but at the same time Re-Mind YourSelf... YOU created it and therefore YOU are in control and when ready you will allow YourSelf to surrender into that deep pool of “unknown”.

A deeper knowing.... completely safe, completely all there is.

BE YOU Beautifully! 

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