Feeling Lost?

16 Apr

Feeling lost, not knowing which way to turn, that awful restless feeling but knowing that to turn away from YourSelf to others for reassurance is no longer the way........it no longer works.

The way is inner journey, to sit with YourSelf and to see what you look like when you are lost. To allow YourSelf to be exactly how you are right now, in this space. And to accept this You, no analysing, no judgements.

Just being with this you, the only questions to ask are what do I need right now, what can I give to this Me, who has chosen to show up too.

By this action alone you encourage a wonderful positive change to occur within you. With acknowledgement, acceptance that there is nothing “wrong” here. That there is no “lack”, with this part of you, who you now hold and cherish, choose to love deeply in this moment.

An uncertainty, arises... what now? 

Now there is acceptance and taking in to YourSelf this no longer feeling quite so “lost” you.

What remains in this moment is still you. 

Take time to sit and know this more complete version of you. There is no need for anything else.

Allow YourSelf to feel how this is, who you are in this time of present Youness.

All is well 

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