Psychotherapy & Counselling

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Whether you are needing to explore some emotions which feel new to you or to look more deeply into your own emotion and mental wellbeing, I offer a complimentary (free) 30 minute telephone consultation. This gives opportunity for you to ask questions and to see if we feel comfortable in working together to meet your needs.

We will complete a full initial assessment, which I will then use to begin sharing any observations I have made and make simple suggestions as to what you can already create change with.

Changes can be effective with immediacy if you are open to do so and can create wonderful difference in your personal and business life, but most of all I can support you to see and make the changes you need to see how Successful you already are! The knock-on effect of this will be a Successful life AND business!

If you follow the suggestions I make you will very quickly begin to see the reality and know what you may be projecting via your own personal insecurities.

You visit my practice which is based in Brixham and we discuss a way of working together and agree to continue or not.
You may also wish to go away and think about whether or not you want to continue.
If we choose to continue then we book a block of 4 – 6 sessions, in the first of which I will complete an assessment gaining all the basic information I need. I write and we just talk to help me fill out the form.

My practice is easily accessible and sits on the number 17 bus route, there is also on street parking available

There is sloping disabled access to my practice followed by 2 small steps at intervals within, however this may be unsuitable for a wheelchair user.

A therapy session is £50 per hour