To each meeting I bring a lifetime of learning, experience and 1000’s of hours of practical, sessional Client work. This experience spans over 20 years of Counselling and Psychotherapy work and it enables me to offer a quality service where immediate change is always possible.

I have been highly intuitive from a very young age, perhaps birth. Having intense spiritual experiences throughout my life and where relevant, appropriate and with your agreement I offer all I have learned from my own life journey to each meeting we will have together.

My working background for over 35 years before Counselling was rooted in Health & Well being, I feel this brings a richness to my current work. The combination of skills from Counselling and Psychotherapy and Healthcare Management experience in local authority, informs me well within my Supervision practice.

My private practice is based in Brixham, Devon and I offer a free telephone consultation which gives opportunity to speak initially and see how we might work together.
If you would like to take advantage of this please call 07935247066, use the form on this website or email, I will respond, and we can then discuss any support you might need from myself and how that will happen.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

The only thing that stops you being free, is the belief that you aren’t free already


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