"I am very mindful of the words I use when writing this testimonial as to the last six weeks Self Enquiry. I don’t want to make this Coaching exclusive to any group, gender or belief system anyone may have. An open mind and a desire to change (mine was deep inside me) I’d seen Janet’s page many times (to be really honest I’d kept looking since 2013) but was scared to go in case I saw /felt / opened so deeply and honestly, I couldn’t put myself together.... good old ego mind. To be honest for the last year I have been desperate for some sort of help – help beyond my GP and my best friends. It wasn’t even I want to discover “myself,” it was more the need to make sense of why I feel/thought the way I did. No matter how many glasses of wine I had or cigarettes I smoked in (and still do) I couldn’t run away from the deep hurt and inability to deeply cope with numerous situations I’ve had to deal with. To other people I was strong. A teacher, a healer, a mum, a wife, a friend, a daughter and yet none of those were “me” On my second session I realised that none of them when “me, “they were an aspect of myself, my story so far but not me. I’ve learnt that “me “is the smallest two letter Word to encompass the essence/soul that my human body housed. I’ve learnt that I have become conditioned to be who I thought I was. I’m 43 years old but with the simplest discoveries I realised why and where that conditioning came from. A 4 year old me, after the loss of my dad Iv became an empath, the reason for to live for my family so I became To start too nurture and to look after others . ... I’m happy with this role and will always be happy but now I can see why I THOUGHT I had to! The freedom in this is recognition helps me to understand who I am! This Coaching is simple. When I met Janet one morning she spoke to me and said I can help if you’re willing to take the steps. She said it’s really simple. My mind didn’t believe her. Before my second session I said with Janet that my brain said, “why will SHE be able to help you ... no one else has” I have to deeply laugh at that now!! The work /discovery you will embark soon is extremely simple. I can’t emphasise that enough. It took away the craziness that was in my head, the next hour, tomorrow, Christmas, birthdays, dog walks, shopping, cleaning all the things that happened in our daily life became simple. No brain chatter no you should be doing this ... you should have done that etc ... life became still and present. And everything above was completed but in a completely different way"."

Sue Toon – Brixham 2017/18

"Janet's counselling has helped me improve my anger. We would talk about a certain subject and Janet would help me talk about my problems that I never thought I could talk about. She helped me a lot and I am very thankful for her service"."

J (Male 21yrs old) October 2017

“Speaking from personal experience I think the greatest gift you can give yourself or anyone you care for is too book a session with Janet, life will never be the same again, even if you’re not hurting right now you will discover so much that will enrich your life, find out more www.janetastle.com”"

Julie, Paignton (Dec 2016)

After 10 years of being out of the circuit the message and evidence you gave was truly amazing and I was quite blown away by it you were absolutely spot on , a good night was had by all plenty of love and laughter and true friendship once again thank you."

Nigel Monks 2018 Brixham United Spiritualist Church

I have been helped by Janet on so many levels. Health and wellbeing have been a huge part of my life for the past decade but it’s only been in the last year or so I’ve really looked into my emotions properly. I thought I was before but Janet has opened my eyes as to how to properly and deeply nourish myself. Janet has the most incredible way of getting you to see the absolute truth. Sometimes it was agonising, but other times utter bliss and peace. Whatever the emotions, I welcome them now and without Janet’s support I would have carried on denying them. What became apparent to me was that I was not recognising and really feeling all the great things that were already in my life. All to readily I’d beat myself up about something unpleasant but not feel the joy at all the good. Utter madness, but that’s all ended now. Janet has a real gentleness, but it’s also tempered with a bluntness when needed. She snaps it all back together. She has saved me having regrets because there are none. There have been lots of tears but lots of laughter too. Somehow Janet manages to remove the mist from the view so you can see clearly once again. Thank you Janet."

Julie Harrison - October 2018 Improve Your Health