Full initial Assessment *Required for all NEW clients

  • We will complete a full initial assessment, which I will then use to begin sharing any observations I have made and make simple suggestions as to what you can already create change with.
  • Changes can be effective with immediacy if you are open to do so and can create wonderful difference in your personal and business life, but most of all I can support you to see and make the changes you need to see how Successful you already are! The knock-on effect of this will be a Successful life AND business!
  • If you follow the suggestions I make you will very quickly begin to see the reality and know what you may be projecting via your own personal insecurities.

Intuitive Coaching

  • Whatever you feel may be "wrong" or a problem within your life, lets explore it together and see it from another view point.
  • Without any external (or your own internal) judgements and critique, we can observe and learn about your own restrictive defences, patterns and behaviours which may need to be reviewed and altered to ensure you are feeling freer and happy in this moment, whatever the outcome or attachment.
  • Lets talk!

Intuitive Business Coaching

  • Whatever is happening within will be evident externally somewhere, so if we have some behaviours or patterns carried from early life they can leech into our business and working life so very easily and subtly often without us being aware of it.
  • If you feel there is a concern within your business or working life that is affecting it's success then lets talk about that and get it cleared!