Feeling Numb?

27 Oct

A little like being in some kind of thin box, you can hear clearly...see pretty clearly and still feel but it is as if from a distance.

Numbness can be a way of the mind protecting the body.

Your arms might not be moving out too far from the body, for example as you type you may feel a real comfort in your hands being just right in front of you on the keyboards and barely moving to the left or right.

It can be a little like thinking through “cotton wool” or at least that could be an imagined description, this is because we really are dealing with the mind right now. Part of you may have felt a need to retreat, withdraw.....somewhere.

Sometimes this can be due to trauma of some kind, some people can revisit a trauma and may not realise this on a thinking level (conscious level) but just re-act in a way which protects them, keeps them safe for now. This can happen often with grief where we can be in denial of that person having died.

You will function normally; it will feel as if your humour has been removed. Almost like a computer searches for a missing file. Your mind will think to something funny or see something which clearly is humorous, but there is no laughter etc.

You may feel tearful, although not be aware why. 

What you can do:

Allow yourself to be completely honest with you, and also allow a trustworthy non judgemental friend / relative to support you, depending on how low or detached you may feel visit your GP or similar health practitioner, a Counsellor and of course allow yourself to call the Samaritans or a similar great organisation as and when needed. There is absolutely no failure or weakness in any of this, if your car broke down you would get it to the garage as soon as possible.....when we breakthrough (breakdown) surely we deserve the same kind of basic maintenance at least?

Don’t try to “jump start” yourself back, this is not a flat battery and may well “clear” on its own. But try to put measures in place to support yourself.

Don’t have high expectations of yourself for at least a day or do. Allow yourself the support you need and to just talk, share how this feels........a little like above, what it feels like to be in this place of no-feeling. Allow yourself to reach out as far as you can and that someone is enabled to support you.

Write a letter, without using your mind too much where possible.

Starting with something like:

When I am in this place of no – feeling it’s like........... 

Or If I were to feel right now it would be like................

And just allow the words to come, don’t force them and have patience with yourself, BE kind and Compassionate with yourself. No bullying to “get over it”

Sometimes practising being present can throw up a series of events and feelings, it is important to allow yourself to sit with those feelings and not abandon yourself. 

Don’t try to “fix” yourself in that moment, because you aren’t “broken” but you will be telling yourself you are if you continually try to fix! Don’t look for solutions or analyze. 

The more we practise this the more we get to know who we truly are on a deeper level. And then also perhaps what we need!

Being present means allowing ourselves to be completely authentic and vulnerable. When we do this, old fears, patterns and scripting can leap into any conversations & relationships appearing as if from nowhere leaving us suddenly feeling angry, bereft, and numb or a whole host of things.....sometimes to the point of overload. 

This is where is it important to allow support and just let you BE in the literal sense.

Often in client work this is where I will hold space for someone else. As they allow themselves to BE vulnerable, whilst knowing that I am there in support of their experience if needed.

How much are you allowing yourself to be here right now? And how is that serving you in life?

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