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Whilst counselling and psychotherapy can be “talking” therapies, body psychotherapy works more with you as a “whole”.


Therefore really working with you holistically, tuning into your body and emotions.  This is about what is really going on within us as opposed to what we think is going on.


Body Work can offer a truly effective treatment, especially for clients who  feel a sense of being ‘stuck’ and those with more deeply seated issues such as abuse. Basic bodywork can be as simple as breath work. How often do you hold your breath? And how aware are you of your breathing in general?


These are the things we can explore at your pace and work at the depth which feels right at that time for more deeper concerns.


Contact me for a free consultation, after which you are under no obligation to continue after this time unless you wish to.



See Services page for all fees


Please be aware: Once a session has been booked and you are unable to attend, at least 24 hours’ notice (working days) is required.

My standard practice is to charge for sessions cancelled at short notice


If you have any queries about services offered here then please just call me

on 07935 247 066 for an informal chat, with no obligation to continue.


All enquiries and services are always confidential.






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