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As a professional therapist or healer you are constantly holding sacred space for Clients.

This will be for their recovery of self in some way; you are part of that recovery journey. You may have supported many within their healing crisis and no doubt will continue to do so.


Within this space, this shared space; everyone will experience an effect. The space, the Client and you. Each one, having a unique however connected experience in relation to the other.

Emotions will be experienced for both of you and are not always realised or evident; often they are stored in body and forgotten. My vast experience can help bring these emotions and how to deal with them into your awareness. This enables a further emotional maturity, which in turn guides you with ease at emotive times for your Client and more importantly you!


You are a captive audience to their “story”, which they will repeat over and over in some way because that is who they believe themselves to be. It is not who they are, it is what happened to them and who they became as a result of what happened.

You may be the only one in their life to have expressed concern or care for them – ever. This is a powerful thing to experience – Have you ever felt this? Think back and reflect on that, now YOU are the one offering that to another.


I have over 35 years experience in Health and Social Care from junior support work to senior management in local authority. I hold qualifications in Management, Clinical Supervision, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Body Psychotherapy. I am deemed a Reiki Master Teacher and a Shamanic Healer and hold other “titles”.  I have been a sensitive and a natural empath from birth; I have matured into all other senses available to a Human Being, should they choose to develop them. I chose to.


My life is about Awareness, evolving my own and supporting others to raise their awareness in turn. Part of my role is to see beyond what is projected, acknowledge the ego state, unhelpful ways of being and life patterns. To hear what is not said, what is held between words in silence and to notice what is held in body and behind untruths spoken.


I support people to think the unthinkable, speak about the unspeakable and allow themselves to create change where they believed there was no choice.

I support others so locate clarity, where there appears to be only chaos. And to offer reality, where there feels to be only illusion.

At this point in my professional development, I am able to offer you the experience of my support and presence to your practice. This in turn enables you to be far more present with your clients and yourself in a safe, successful, professional and appropriate way. What a thing to be able to advertise!


This includes things such as:


  •     Boundaries

  •    Self Nurture

  •    Self honesty

  •    Congruence


Personally I choose to continually work towards being completely authentic, which for me means each and every day my intent is to BEcome who I am and not who I became due to circumstances. So I have been working with my own Self most if not all of my life.



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Please be aware: Once a session has been booked and you are unable to attend, at least 24 hours’ notice (working days) is required.

My standard practice is to charge for sessions cancelled at short notice

InnerVision (Supervision) Sessions

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