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This is something that takes place when a safe space is held for one of two people. Somewhere to be completely and totally yourself without judgement and in complete confidence.


There are many reasons people decide to use counselling, whether it is for anxiety, a feeling of being “stuck” in life and not being able to move forwards, lacking in confidence, depressed, angry without any apparent reason, to name a few.

Counselling offers a time and place to unravel any such issues that you may wish to bring. It gives that space to think and feel without the everyday worries flitting in and out, or having to listen to that other persons opinion or issues in return to being listened to.


Counselling is not about giving advice its about supporting someone to find their own answers, I believe we each carry our own without realising it.

Here I offer you support in a safe, relaxed and comfortable space, for you to explore feelings and anything you wish to bring, working at your pace. Somewhere to just be yourself, be accepted as such and to be listened to and feel completely heard.


Counselling sessions are normally an hour per week, for a mutually agreed time period. This however, is negotiable. For example a Client wishing psychotherapy may want or need more frequent sessions and this would again be by a mutual agreement .


You are most welcome to call for a free consultation and are under no obligation to continue after this time unless you wish to.


See Services page for all fees




Please be aware: Once a session has been booked and you are unable to attend, at least 24 hours’ notice (working days) is required.

My standard practice is to charge for sessions cancelled at short notice


If you have any queries about services offered here then please just call me

on 07935 247 066 for an informal chat, with no obligation to continue.

All enquiries and services are always confidential.




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