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Some Clients who visit me for counselling may require some kind of coaching to support and re-build their self-esteem. It is hugely useful as your self-awareness increases, in setting achievable goals and targets.


The coaching I offer is possibly more directive than Counselling or Psychotherapy, where you can potentially create change in a short time, focus on clear and goals to achieve particular outcomes.


We will work to set up positive thinking and eliminating any unhelpful thought patterns which may already be in place to create these changes. Although we will concentrate on thinking mainly and actions I will also be interested in your overall wellbeing in any of my services.


I am not going to “kick your rear” as many people might wish or indeed threaten, but I will continually encourage you to be the best and most authentic version of you.


I work in a slightly different way as I bring all of my experience and training into our Coaching sessions, which offers you all of that quality in just one hour.


As with my other services we would book a block of 4-6 sessions to note our commitment to this change.


Call me for a free consultation, after which you are under no obligation to continue after this time unless you wish to.



See Services page for all fees


Please be aware: Once a session has been booked and you are unable to attend, at least 24 hours’ notice (working days) is required.

My standard practice is to charge for sessions cancelled at short notice







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Emotional WellBeing Coaching (with Compassion)

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