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By janet, Dec 2 2016 02:35PM

Over the past few days I have been (initially unwillingly) re-learning about "warm", what that might mean without usual assumptions and what it is like to not experience warm/warmth/heat in the usual generous way such as with central heating and almost immediate hot water allow..

And then moving deeper from that outer body layer (which of course seeps as cold does) into layers some kind of perceived "lack" of something regarding others, "my" needs not being met in some way I feel they "should" be or not being "treated" kindly ... and then most importantly "lack" of warmth with mySelf.

Witnessing a lack of Self kindness and in fact a coolness not noticed before openly, which then can be met and known, to then allow a beautiful compassion to move into those places once so chilled.

Perhaps only when you are "out in the cold" will you find these treasure chests of beautiful truth. Because when we are all warm and cosy why would we search for such things in the depth of perceived cold?

Indeed why would we search at all when they are not visible and because of that very fact may remain on ice.........

Always check your projections........ whatever it is you are accusing them of in some way, how might that be playing out something you are already doing to yourSelf in some way?

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By janet, Oct 16 2016 03:08PM

In the ocean of your own emotion

Learn to swim amongst the waves

Learn to navigate, so that when a wave which looks to drown you comes

allow YourSelf to move with it and not against it

If you need drown for a moment,

know what it feels like to drown

So that another time when you think you are drowning you know......

that this is not it, you have been in that state

Get to know this

When you feel as if the wave will toss you,

being pulled from limb to limb... be the one to catch Yourself when you eventually drop

Re-member this within

For another time when you feel in the pit of that stomach you feed,

a swirling of fear in what is to come

that this is not it, you have been in that state

Get to know this

Move through your emotions, slowly take your time

Don’t try to control them, never let this mind

Just move, through however long it may take

Time is of no consequence when you are in this place

And once felt, one lived and then once died to this...

another form of you will evolve, a more knowing of this ..... form of you

But re-member where you were and where you are right now

For when you fall again, when you believe yourself to be drowning ....again

That this is not it, you have been in that state

Get to know this

And that soon calm will also come

By janet, Oct 7 2016 07:20PM

It’s hard to put into words... how it feels to be entrusted, to hold space for someone who barely knows who I really am at all, and yet shares the deepest parts of themselves with me in that space.

To speak of things that they had as yet not dared say out loud, for fear of being punished, ridiculed, and abandoned or in their eyes something far worse. And yet share they will and I listen, feeling the humility of who and what I am within this space as a simple witness to the truth taking place. The beautiful unravelling of a Soul caught in time somewhere, stuck in a place not known as yet...... but soon to be discovered and freed in some way.

A shift into another time, the present and to be met by my enquiring voice with compassion and equal measure of truth. No judgement, no critique no question or accusation but a natural curiosity for this ... whatever this is taking place right now in this space, right here with me in this space now.

To know that whatever happened and whenever it was. That in this space, right here and right now... there is an Ok’ness. A safely is found and old barriers formed within their barren world can now make way for clear and strong boundaries as the barriers come tumbling down. Torn down in some cases to allow the beautiful light of truth and presence to shine in at last.

I am honoured, so deeply honoured to be enabled to carry out the “work” that I do. Being present with another, to listen to their truth and to support them to tell their story so that at last it may rest where it belongs in the past and to feel the burden of it to carry no more.

Freedom - we will move together towards a continued freedom. Enabled to love, supported to live a full and rich life from this time forward.

Ultimately what I “do”, what I offer involves one being honoured and one feeling honoured to have witnessed a being.

By janet, May 3 2016 12:53PM

Sitting with Self.

Noticing the inner of you.

Like a landscape only familiar somehow, at times nothingness and then thought may appear as a tree

or a bush... some grass and then barren land again and then for a while.....peace.

A mirage of thoughts from thinking mind to distract you from Being in this place fully and then realisation of that moves them on. Almost as if the wind brushes across the landscape taking thoughts with it and then.......that knowing.

Of a depth, real depth appears.....out of the “blue” as your stomach lurches in recognition of this ..

Fear of this unexpected drop into the deep, dark pool suddenly before you.

Will you allow YourSelf to fall, do you fall?....

There is no control here within this unknown and then the moment is passed and a feeling of loss at not having “fallen into” the nothingness of depth, to be lost and know how that particular “lost” feels.. after a lifetime of other.. losses and yet a difference in fear.

Knowing, in truth that you can never now really be lost again.

Back to thought and to meet a realisation of how much a strong mind will manipulate where possible,

for “your safety”.

Smile with that - love that.

As it is something which you have created but at the same time Re-Mind YourSelf... YOU created it and therefore YOU are in control and when ready you will allow YourSelf to surrender into that deep pool of “unknown”.

A deeper knowing.... completely safe, completely all there is.

BE YOU Beautifully!

By janet, Apr 16 2016 07:56PM

Feeling lost, not knowing which way to turn, that awful restless feeling but knowing that to turn away from YourSelf to others for reassurance is no longer the no longer works.

The way is inner journey, to sit with YourSelf and to see what you look like when you are lost. To allow YourSelf to be exactly how you are right now, in this space. And to accept this You, no analysing, no judgements.

Just being with this you, the only questions to ask are what do I need right now, what can I give to this Me, who has chosen to show up too.

By this action alone you encourage a wonderful positive change to occur within you. With acknowledgement, acceptance that there is nothing “wrong” here. That there is no “lack”, with this part of you, who you now hold and cherish, choose to love deeply in this moment.

An uncertainty, arises... what now?

Now there is acceptance and taking in to YourSelf this no longer feeling quite so “lost” you.

What remains in this moment is still you.

Take time to sit and know this more complete version of you. There is no need for anything else.

Allow YourSelf to feel how this is, who you are in this time of present Youness.

All is well